Exile Jam!

After 10 Exile Jams we are taking the spring off to think and reinvent the experience. Check for updates late July.


Exile was started as a new initiative by two organizers of Nordic Game Jam (worlds largest game jam), Tim Garbos and Jesper Taxbøl. They teamed up with the coziest place in Denmark: Vallekilde Højskole. At Exile there is less focus on competition and more focus on the social aspects such as playing games, having a beer, and getting to know some new nice people. Also we hope to meet people who are not making games at all.

It is organized by Kanako and Vallekilde Højskole.

2015 spring poster by the amazing Alina Constantin 2014 autumn poster by Pernille Sihm 2014 spring poster by Pernille Sihm 2013 autumn poster by Pernille Sihm 2013 spring poster. 2012 fall poster. 2012 spring poster.