Exile Jam!

Get away from the daily life and join other developers/designers/makers/people for a few creative and cozy days at the old folk highschool Vallekilde.

29th of April to May 3rd.

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2014 autumn poster by the amazing Pernille Sihm


Prices includes all meals (great and healthy food), tea, coffee, cake. It also includes access to internet, sauna, cinema, exercise facilities, fireplace, and a music/audio room, painting and sculpting facilities. As well as an extra great dinner at the end and a followed by a party with alcohol included. Students paying the discount price might have to sleep in a room with more people, so if you are picky you should pay the full price.

Normal price:
900 kr.
Student price:
700 kr.

It might at first seem like a lot for a jam, but it's everything included and 5 days.


People are welcome from Wednesday 17:00 to acclimatize and socialize. Throughout Wednesday and Thursday we have mini challenges and workshops, and in the evening we will have an informal group building session where groups will come up with a theme-related idea. On Saturday there will be presentations, voting and a small award ceremony, but it's really just about creating a good and cozy working atmosphere and realizing new ideas. If you have a super important project, you are more than welcome to work on that too.
We are aiming to be around 40-60 people.

Dinner at 18:00 followed by social mini jam and playing/making super short interactive experiences / party games
Micro challenges. People pitch challenges and create workshop groups.
Main Jam
Loads of social and physical folk games
Presentation and casual award show
Final Party and dinner
Saturday Night:
Traditional Exile late-night music jamming
Goodbye and post-mortem

The program might change and it's quite possible that we will include a lot of spontanious events, such as going to the old graveyard, getting a tour of the school, jamming some music, or clay sculpting.

Thursday mini challenges and workshops

We like being challenged, learning new tech or getting a new perspective on things. Thursdays focus is to learn from eachother. There will be a short introduction to some subjects and people can work on it during the day. It could also be a challenge to make a 1 minute experience.
This is organized amongst us and the participants and will not include external speakers.

If you have any suggestions, just let us know during the jam or on facebook.

It is usually something along the lines of this:
  • Sharing experiences and tips
  • Taking prototypes to the next level
  • How to make good coffee
  • Start making your own shaders
  • Learn to play the guitar



Exile was started as a new initiative by two organizers of Nordic Game Jam (worlds largest game jam), Tim Garbos and Jesper Taxbøl. They teamed up with the coziest place in Denmark: Vallekilde Højskole. At Exile there is less focus on competition and more focus on the social aspects such as playing games, having a beer, and getting to know some new nice people. Also we hope to meet people who are not making games at all.

It is organized by Kanako and Vallekilde Højskole.

2014 spring poster by Pernille Sihm 2013 autumn poster by Pernille Sihm 2013 spring poster. 2012 fall poster. 2012 spring poster.